45% of Australian homeowners have never refinanced their home loan

August 2016 - Monthly Update

At their August meeting the Reserve Bank announced yet another drop in the cash rate. It now stands at an ALL TIME historical low of just 1.50%.

Even thought the banks have been slow to pass on the entire reduction, the overall ongoing trend in home loan interest rates over the last few years has been down.

A recent report revealed 45% of homeowners have never refinanced their home loan. This could be a costly ommission on their part.

The question remains...Why?

There may be a few reasons - and a lower rate shouldn't be your only criteria when considering refinancing. However, for many homeowners this could allow them to access a massive saving.

Remember, a higher interest rate does NOT mean increased payaments against your loan. It simply means you're paying too much to the lender.

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You can read the RBA media relase from their August meeting here.